They’re not just selling iPhones

Recently, AT&T has launched a new service that gives parents wide-ranging control over their children’s cell phone use.  For only $5 a month parents can set limits on when, how much, and to whom their child talks to or text messages.  This is definitely a victory for all the parents I know who provide their children phones because they want anytime access and safety for their teen.  Although this represents a nightmare for teens everywhere; I habitually see and here about teens who are addicted to their phone.  “Cell phone abuse” by teens has become commonplace and before now parents were constantly on edge wondering who their kids were talking to, when, and how much.   As an added bonus – now we might see a surge in homework completion and less bags under the eyes of adolescent AT&T subscribers everywhere.,2933,295651,00.html

Fearful at School?

Separation Anxiety is a common occurrence this time of year as kids get back in the groove of school once again after an especially long Texas summer.  For those going away for the first time it can be especially daunting.  It is critical that parents model confidence and expect the child to do well rather than getting bogged down in all the tears and fears.  You actually do more harm than good when you overly reassure a child and give them lots of attention due to their anxieties.  Instead focus on and praise your child’s confident, independent behaviors and watch your child soar!  Trust your gut.