Enjoying some extended time away from the office and with my family this Holiday season.  I’ve been able to catch up on changing my fair share of diapers and some early morning feedings with my son, Kash, who recently turned one year of age.  My wife could not be happier to get a little more relief than […]

ADHD Kids Have Slower Brain Maturity

New brain imaging research indicates ADHD kids’ brains can lag as much as 3 years in crucial areas that suppress inappropriate actions and thoughts, focus attention, remember things from moment to moment, and in areas where one works for rewards and controls movement.  This research confirms the biological nature of ADHD and also helps explain why […]

Research Says Talk Therapy Important for Depressed Teens

A recent study that followed 600 teens with chronic depression for one year demonstrated that 80% of the participants recovered entirely or almost entirely when treated with medication, therapy, or a combination of the two.  This is the most comprehensive and long-running study ever conducted on depression treatment in teens.  Another noteworty discovery was that […]