Dad’s Day

More and more Dads are discovering it’s cool to be an active, involved father. They don’t feel the pressure most Mom’s do & aren’t necessarily afraid of being judged.  The priority for them is raising good kids.  Now there are websites such as DadLabs, blogs, and online communities devoted to fatherhood.  More resources and education than […]

Family Time Decline

From 2000 to 2005 people reported spending on average 26 hours per month with their family. By 2008 this number had dropped 30% to only 18 hrs.  Technology, mobile phones, and social networking has fundamentally changed the way family members interact.  While its easier and more convenient for families to communicate instantly the quality and quantity of time […]

Adult ADD

85% of adults with ADD have no idea they struggle with the condition.  Only 15% are aware and receive treatment.  CNN recently ran an article on ADD & Women. It’s estimated that 5 million American women deal with this problem.