Back to School

Thankful my daughter & all the kids & teens I know survived their first week back at school.  It’s always a time of adjustment & if you’re anything like me this first week seemed really long.  My daughter was thrilled that today was Friday & she would have 2 days to play.  I didn’t have the heart to tell my little first grader that she had 9 months to go.  These first couple of weeks is always a perfect time for kids & parents to make a fresh start & do things better than we did the year before.  I really like these tips for their simplicity.  Listen…don’t fix.  Take the time to listen to your child each day without attempting to give advice, give a lecture, or fix their problem.  Just listen.  Be involved without smothering.  Don’t overextend yourself or your child.  Live more simply.  Make it a great year!

Can a preschooler be depressed?

Many people still believe very young children are immune from depression because they are too emotionally immature.  I’ve done my best to educate folks that clinical depression is prevalent even amongst very young children.  Previous research suggests that depression is observed in approximately 2% of American preschoolers.  A newer study now points out that depression among children ages 3-6 can be chronic even over a period of two years.  I agree that the use of medication in children this young is risky and not well researched so should largely be avoided.  Instead a child needs a thorough assessment and active participation in psychotherapy individually and with his or her family.