Why are kids more depressed?

Kids are more depressed, anxious, and possess more antisocial attitudes than they did during The Great Depression.  At least 5 to 6 times more likely than kids during the late 1930’s.  And it has nothing to do with the economy.  For one, kids are more aware and educated about mental health issues but you could possibly guess […]

Every waking moment

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation finally proves what many parents have been saying to their kids for years.  Children ages 8-18 are spending virtually every waking moment on electronic devices when they are not in school.  7.5 hours to be exact. Due to their ability to multitask they actually pack 10 hours and 45 […]

We apologize for our e-mail problems

For some reason we have been experiencing serious technical issues with our email server as of late.  I am working to resolve the issue with our Internet Service Provider and Domain Hosting Site. If you have not been able to reach us via email or have not received a response from us we are sorry […]

Happy New Year

Some of us start resolutions on January 1st but you can start a resolution any day of the year. Personally, I am starting mine on January 8th which is my Mom’s birthday.  She died this past September. If you need a few ideas consider some of these. 1)  Turn off the TV 2)  Check your […]