Sisters are Good for You

Now I know why I always longed  for a sister growing up rather than being stuck in the middle of two brothers.  Recent research out of Brigham Young University suggests that having a sister provides a child with a form of psychological immunity.   Having a sister tends to protect one from a host of […]


Whether it’s your five year old starting Kindergarten or your 18 year old shipping off to college homesickness is a normal, adaptive process.  Being homesick is really just a deep need for love, protection and security.  The cure is allowing your child the psychological space to go through these experiences.  Rescuing them or hovering is […]

Internet Addiction linked to Teen Depression

In an August report by the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine teenagers run a 2.5 times greater risk of becoming depressed if they engage in addictive Internet use.  Uncontrolled and unreasonable Internet use is similar to other problematic and scary addictions like pornography or gambling.  Previous research into pathological Internet behavior has discovered a […]