Rachel’s Challenge

I pray many more schools will participate in Rachel’s Challenge.  A number of schools in the North Texas area are involved.  WFAA Channel 8 is also partnering in this cause.  What a antidote for the bullying and mistreatment that runs rampant in our schools these days.  This issue is especially on my mind as we get rolling with another school year.  A recent survey suggests that electronic bullying can prove considerably more harmful than face to face bullying.  Electronic forms of bullying provide the bully a degree of anonymity and freedom from boundaries that might not be crossed in a face to face encounter.  Additionally, the victim of electronic bullying recognizes that this information can spread like a virus over the Internet or via mobile phone so they feel even greater embarrassment, shame, isolation and humiliation.



Ian Kinsler Rangers 2nd Baseman

I absolutely love it when professional athletes, entertainers or notably successful people disclose they have ADD/ADHD or some other struggle.  It normalizes it for the kids and teens who deal with similar issues.  They are able to see that in spite of a struggle they have risen above it and used it to help propel them to success.  And if you’ve ever visited my office you can tell I am a big Rangers fan.  Check out this piece by Dallas Morning News Sports Writer Evan Grant on Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler.