Because of a consistent string of bullying-related suicides it seems this horrendous problem amongst kids and teens is finally getting the media attention it deserves. Unfortunately, the problem has to rise to multiple suicides for it to get serious attention.  Believe it or not there are many who still believe this to be a normal rite of passage children must pass through or work through on their own rather than a major mental health and societal crisis.  In my opinion the epidemic of bullying is every bit as dangerous and destructive as the war on drugs we’ve been fighting on behalf of today’s youth.  Anderson Cooper and CNN have done a fantastic job of highlighting and addressing this with stories, articles, videos, and resources about all sources of bullying and what we as adults, parents, and educators can do to help.  The special is called Stop Bullying Speak Up.  I encourage you to forward this link to your friends, neighbors, relatives, teachers and school personnel.  The only way we can address this is to educate and motivate everyone who works with and around our youth to aggressively instill zero tolerance for any and all forms of bullying.