D Magazine

I was interviewed for articles in this month’s D Magazine along with their summer medical edition.  The annual medical edition is print only and not available online but it’s a separate, longer article where I suggested they also talk with Ian Kinsler of the Texas Rangers.  They contacted me in the spring looking for a mental health topic for the medical edition to come out this summer and I suggested ADHD in adults knowing their target audience.  I diagnose, evaluate and counsel many children and teenagers with ADHD but adults with it rarely get a mention.  I told them many famous and successful athletes such as Michael Phelps and our own Ian Kinsler have opened up about their condition…not to mention scores of successful business people and celebrities.  They told me they were going to publish a photo of me to go with the stories but I guess after seeing the proofs they wised up.  Hard to sell magazines using my mug.