College professor’s video game addiction

An honest and eye-opening account of a man’s struggle with video game addiction.  I was especially interested in how this problem manifested itself during his teenage and college years. He and his parents apparently normalized the behavior.  We do that…don’t we?  I agree that gaming can be a poor substitute for legitimate social relationships.  Social […]

ADHD on the rise

The CDC just released new data that indicates ADHD prevalence rose from 7% in 1998-2000 to 9% in 2007-2009.  In the south and midwest prevalence increased to 10%. Critics and skeptics will argue it’s over diagnosis and misdiagnosis due to our search for easy answers to behavioral or attention problems along with an increasingly pill […]

What happened to creativity?

Over the past 20 years creativity in American children has been on the decline according to a large study published in 2010.  Blame the obsession with test taking in our schools, television, technology and our over scheduled lives which limits divergent thinking, novel ideas and imaginative and creative playtime for kids.  Learn why time for […]


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August resolutions

Kids and teens lamenting the end of summer often admit they look forward to a new school year.  It’s their opportunity for a fresh start, new goals, organization and a blank slate.  A “do-over” if need be.  The new school year also presents an opportunity for us parents to do the same.  Here are some […]