Watch CNN Thursday at 9:00PM

Spread the word and ask everyone you know to tune in to AC360 tomorrow night at 9:00PM. The powerful documentary “The Bully Effect” premieres on CNN.   CNN.COM also has several important articles in their Special Report on Bullying.  Bullying as a form of “social combat” and hi-tech bullying are important pieces to share with your […]

No Make-Up Monday

National Eating Disorders Week is February 24th – March 2nd.  The Renfrew Center Foundation is asking all women and girls to forego make-up on Monday, February 25th.  The purpose is to raise awareness and promote a dialogue about healthy body image and inner beauty.  20% of girls ages 8 – 18 apparently associate unattractiveness with […]

Does your teenager care about their friends?

If so, that’s good news according to a recent study in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.  As adults we often lament the time and attention teenagers give to their friends at the expense of their family or other responsibilities.  However, this research suggests there is a silver lining to this behavior after all.  Researchers […]