Boston Marathon

The bombings at the Boston Marathon are terrifying from a distance.  For my family it hits close to home not because we knew one of the victims.  If you search the archives of my blog you’ll see a picture of me and my wife after she ran the Boston Marathon a few years ago.  I watched and waited for her near those areas where the bombs went off.  I’m also an avid marathon runner myself so this news is especially difficult to process for me and my family.  If you have a child like mine it presents even more challenges.  My 10 year old daughter is a worrier and prone to anxiety.  The fact that her mother and I were at the Boston Marathon a few years ago coupled with the knowledge that I travel several times per year to run marathons presents a difficult situation for her to wrap her mind around. The key is to remain calm, composed and relaxed. Find out what they know and correct any inaccuracies.  Reassure and give extra attention and physical touch.  Our children take their emotional cues from us.  Shelter them from the news and images as much as possible.  Contact their teachers like I did to make them aware and ask for their help in monitoring any discussions, information or misinformation children share amongst themselves.  Preventing these discussions amongst children without adult or parental supervision is important.  Here a a few links to assist you as you help your children cope with this tragedy.