Kids are less fit

Research analyzing 50 studies on running fitness involving 25 million children indicate that kids fitness levels have declined 5% per decade since 1975.  Children 30 years ago could run a mile 90 seconds faster than today’s kids.  Rising levels of obesity, media, video games are partly to blame.  Parents and kids have to be more […]

Self-Injury Awareness Day

On Wednesday, Maddey Nelson will join others across the country and write the word “love” on her arm. The movement, started by supporters of the nonprofit To Write Love on Her Arms, aims to raise awareness and prevent self-injury.

Strong awareness about Bullying

More stories about bullying of late which can only be good news as more and more awareness is raised. Standing up for Shea is a local story that’s gone nationally. CNN has an excellent story on countering online bullying. This weekend the NFL and the Miami Dolphins are having to deal with the fallout from serious allegations of […]