Fatherhood is good for you

Everyone knows a child benefits tremendously from having an engaged, involved Dad. However, a new report supported by the United Nations Population Fund aggregating hundreds of studies on fatherhood found that involved, engaged fathers also live longer and experience better psychological health. They have fewer physical and mental health problems, report being happier and are more productive at work.  The study notes a decrease in violence and drug abuse among fathers due to the emotional bond they form with their young children.  Fathers who are financial contributing breadwinners were also found to have improved psychological functioning.  Increases in fathers’ financial contributions improved self-esteem, self-efficacy and measures of psychological distress. I’ve found even more motivation to be a good Dad!  Happy Fathers Day!




Congratulations Graduates!

There’s been a lot of hard work and perseverance on the part of students and parents.  I hope all of you take pride in your accomplishments and enjoy this moment!  The journey rather than the destination is surely the most fulfilling.  Here I am celebrating with my niece, Hanna in Corpus Christi.  She’s going to major in Business and attend Abilene Christian University in August.