Alarming new Domestic violence research on kids

New studies are showing the long-lasting and far-reaching effects of domestic violence on children. Researchers discovered children who simply witness abuse suffer the same effects as those who are actually abused. Observing violence carries the same risk of harm to a child’s mental health and learning as a child who is abused directly. Ronald Kessler, the lead researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School says these effects last well into adulthood. Among childhood adversities those involving family violence inflict the worst long-term effects.

What change would make you happy?

New year, new you? Susan Shain in the New York Times writes about what science tells us about legitimately making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions. Most importantly, think about December 31, 2019 and what change would you have made that would make you the happiest; the change you’d be most grateful to have achieved. She shares seven science-based strategies to make that resolution stick.

Happy New Year! I pray 2019 is the year you’ve dreamed about for you and your family.