Adolescent mental health deteriorates dramatically

Depression rates among kids ages 14-17 increased by more than 60% between 2009 and 2017 and Suicidality doubled. The report is based on the annual U.S. Department of Health and Human survey of more than 600,000 people. Even to researchers and experts who closely monitor these numbers indicate it’s a major wake up call and suggest we are not supporting our adolescents in developmentally appropriate ways. Most signs point to digital media and smartphones. A substantial amount of research has found associations between heavy technology use and poor mental health.

Alarming new Domestic violence research on kids

New studies are showing the long-lasting and far-reaching effects of domestic violence on children. Researchers discovered children who simply witness abuse suffer the same effects as those who are actually abused. Observing violence carries the same risk of harm to a child’s mental health and learning as a child who is abused directly. Ronald Kessler, the lead researcher and professor at Harvard Medical School says these effects last well into adulthood. Among childhood adversities those involving family violence inflict the worst long-term effects.

What change would make you happy?

New year, new you? Susan Shain in the New York Times writes about what science tells us about legitimately making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions. Most importantly, think about December 31, 2019 and what change would you have made that would make you the happiest; the change you’d be most grateful to have achieved. She shares seven science-based strategies to make that resolution stick.

Happy New Year! I pray 2019 is the year you’ve dreamed about for you and your family.

Wired Differently

USA Today interviewed billionaire businessman Richard Branson. He was made to feel stupid and beaten regularly by his headmaster in his youth.  The reason was his dyslexia. He’s co-founded a charity “Made By Dyslexia” which hosted it’s first global summit. The list of people past and present with dyslexia is impressive!  Branson says dyslexia is not something that needs to be overcome but embraced.


“We all go through something”

There is a profound article by ESPN senior writer Jackie MacMullan on the NBA’s path  of forming a comprehensive mental health program. The courage of athletes to step out and share their mental health problems has led the NBA to hire a psychologist as their first director of mental health and wellness.  It took an All-Star like Kevin Love to share and reveal his anxiety and depression to help get them there.  He thought he was dying in the midst of a panic attack during a game last season.  He has recently opened up on NBC’s Today Show and other players have also started to share their struggles. This is a tremendous step toward advancing public awareness and eliminating mental health stigma.



We made it!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all the support, encouragement and funds to make our Overnight Walk a success!  After this Overnight Walk experience I have no doubt many lives will be saved and so many people given hope and resources who are affected by suicide.  It was a grueling 17 miles with Saturday being the hottest day of the year.  My daughter said I looked like I had already walked before we started!

Out of 1,541 participants I ranked 50th in individual fundraising. Our little 2 person team also ranked 52nd out of 338 total teams on Saturday.  We cannot thank you all enough for money donated and for those who came out to support us on Saturday!