Middle school is about lunch

Lydia Denworth’s excellent article synthesizing her book on our kids’ friendships and their neurobiology. Friendship is a more influential force for our kids than most of us realize. Brain research is proving friendships dramatic effects on such things as peer pressure, social buffering and the prevention or exacerbation of stress and mental health disorders.

Talking to your kids about mass shootings

Unfortunately, these appear to be increasing just as we start a new school year. Understandably, there can be additional stress and anxiety your children and teens could be experiencing about mass shootings. The American Psychological Association released a statement for parents with guidelines. Listening to them more than talking at them, avoiding or minimizing news coverage and helping your child manage their “stinking thinking” (negative, irrational self-talk) are most important. Additionally, Today updated and republished an article from 2015 with guidelines based on your child’s age group.