Enjoy the moment

If you had a dollar for every time someone pointed out how fast your kids will grow up you could just retire now and spend more time with them.  With a vivacious, on the go, ‘where’s the party’ 4 year old girl (code: high maintenance) and a laid back, sweet, and easy 6 month old son at home I am continuously striving to enjoy all the little things about their lives while I can.  There is a lot we could do to better ourselves as spouses and parents but one thing we should all do well is ‘enjoy the moment’.  My biggest fear is waking up one day after my kids are gone with regrets.  I know the days are numbered until they leave home.  Sure, we’re all busy and moving too fast but you can refuse to let anything keep you from soaking up every moment with your family.  That’s ‘Purple Cow’ to me.

My New Blog

Welcome!  This is a place for insights, tips, and comments about kids, teens, and parenting.  The family is the most sacred institution in human history yet it has a bull’s eye firmly on its back these days.  We live hectic lives and our kids are growing up in an increasingly complex and toxic culture.  Hopefully this will be a spot where you might grab a few simple ideas that will help your family be remarkable! Respond with your own or feel free to comment so we can learn together. You can visit my website at www.drkoyroberts.com